How to keep your kitchen equipment in top shape

Kitchen equipment is especially prone to damage and wears due to being heavily utilized every day. Regular kitchen maintenance is important if you want to have properly-functioning appliances. To avoid being stranded by a broken fridge or microwave, read this article to find out what preventive measures to take.


This appliance works literally without a break and even the smallest malfunctions can cause your food to spoil. That’s why you need to clean it regularly. Empty the ice bins each month to keep the ice inside odor-free. Every few months check the back of your fridge to see if the condenser coils aren’t clogged. These coils can easily get dusty which makes them less effective at cooling down your fridge. This is not only dangerous to the fridge’s condition but also causes your power bills to increase because the refrigerator uses more electricity to keep the temperatures inside down. The water filter should also be replaced at least twice per year to avoid potential leaks.

If you have space for one, consider getting a side by side refrigerator. They are much more reliable than regular fridges and can save you the time you would otherwise need to spend on maintenance and repair. Here you can see the best side by side refrigerators listed on Noble Rate.


Microwave ovens are one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen because they have so many various functions. We often use them when we don’t have a lot of free time and want to simply heat some leftovers or store-made meals. Microwave maintenance involves mainly cleaning the inside as dirty food residues can become a potential health hazard. That’s why rather than doing a deep cleaning every few months you should wipe any spills as soon as they happen. To avoid splatters in the first place, use a plastic cover on top of whatever it is you are warming up.

The part of the microwave that gets damaged most often is the door. Jerking the door open and then slamming it close is an easy way of rendering your microwave useless. The door can become unaligned and unable to close properly, forcing you to have it repaired.

Sink drain

Your sink also needs some additional maintenance besides the usual cleaning and scrubbing. You shouldn’t forget about cleaning the drain. Kitchen sinks are especially prone to clogging because of various food deposits, grease and soap residue. That’s where drain cleaner products become very useful.

Chemical drain cleaners are very simple to use as you just need to pour some of the product down the drain to clear harmful residues. You should use a drain cleaner even if your pipes aren’t clogged just yet to clean any buildup before it becomes a problem. Each drain cleaner should have information on the label about how often the product should be used for drain maintenance. And remember that not all drain cleaners work with all water fixtures – toiler cleaners shouldn’t be used in the kitchen sink and vice versa.